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System the Automated Shutdown


The AUTOMATED SHUTDOWN System is an automated shut down control unit used to shut down all equipment used during hot-work operations, in classified areas, where a hydrocarbon atmosphere may be present.
The system uses gas detectors in series with a DPM (Differential Pressure Monitoring switch) to continually monitor the atmosphere inside the habitat for hazardous gases and/or loss of positive pressure. The basic system uses three gas detectors, one (1) at the blower intake and two (2) inside the habitat. ProControll can also be equipped with five (5) additional perimeter gas detectors for greater coverage. The ProControll system is designed with plug in connections to enhance assemble and disassemble times and safety.  
The system is capable of shutting down the Welding Machine (electric or diesel), Cutting Gas (oxygen and acetylene), Compressed Air for pneumatic tools, electrical hand tools and the Intake Blower. During any shutdown scenario, the emergency battery backup light will be on for habitat egress.
The ProControll system has the flexibility to be used without a pressurized habitat.  The system can monitor gases and shut down hot-work equipment in a zone configuration, an open air environment and in a confined space scenario.
The ProControll systems also has 3 ESD’s (emergency shutdown switches) to ensure the system can be shutdown manually.
US Patent pending - No. 61/345,072


Gas Detector Alarm: Action System takes: Blower reaction:
At blower intake Hot-Work Equipment shutdown Turns off
Inside habitat Hot-Work Equipment shutdown Remains on
Outside habitat Hot-Work Equipment shutdown Remains on
Loss of positive pressure inside habitat Hot-Work Equipment shutdown Turns off
Loss of power Hot-Work Equipment shutdown Turns off


> Integrates all hot work equipment
> Continuous atmospheric monitoring
> Operator of the system is located at the enclosure
> ProControll designers have 15 years combined in Shut Down Systems and Enclosures
 > One system can be used in 3 configuration
         - Positive pressure enclosures
         - Zone monitoring with equipment shutdown capability
         - Open air monitoring
> Compact and lightweight
> Quickly deployable, requiring one technician
> Explosion proof operator control panel
> Economic value compared to our competition
> Modern up-to-date parts
> Custom designable to meet customer’s needs
AUTOMATED SHUTDOWN System Welding Machine Controller is use to shutdown welding equipment in the event of a gas detector alarm and/or loss of pressure. This Controller can shut down electric or petro powered welding equipment.
The Blower Controller is used to shutdown theBlower in the event of a gas detector alarm at the blower. This ensures that toxic and combustible gasses are not blown it the habitat through the fresh air intake. The Compressed Air Controller is used to shutdown the compressed air supply to pneumatic tools used during hot work in the event of a gas detector alarm and/or loss of pressure 
The Gas Torch Controller will shutdown the Oxygen and Acetylene to the cutting equipment in the event of a gas detector alarm and/or loss of pressure Last Fire-retardant chemical treatment for all exposure
Now, all surfaces are treated for hot-work activities The completed enclosure is always in “ Three-layer Protection” application.
Demo is ready for demonstration  Intake and exhaust Air system provided