Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, S.R. Vietnam


he company was founded with the purpose of providing maintenance services and minor repairs to offshore oil and gas industry. In addition, the company’s aims since its inception is work involving, fabrication of steel structures, piping fabrication, and other essential services needed by the growing oil and gas industry here and abroad. Soon after its establishment, with its core team of engineers, technicians and skilled workers Alpha ECC signed long-term maintenance agreements with, JVPC, PETRONAS Carigali Vietnam and other oil and gas companies. Alpha ECC also began the manufacturing of processing piping and rig construction, which is exported to companies such as Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hyundai Vinashin. In 2003, Alpha ECC also gained ISO9000 certificate by DNV certification organizations.

Southern Petroleum Construction J.S Company (AlphaECC) was incorporated in 2003 with an aim of being a high-profile manufacturing shop for mechanical and steel products such as pressure vessel, process equipment,..etc as well as a professional contractor for on/offshore maintenance and construction projects that served the oil& gas and other industries.

The company started with a modest workshop and just over 10 personnel. Thanks to a qualified, enthusiastic and dynamic workforce, AlphaECC has continuously grown since it was established. The company has now become a national recognized mechanical manufacturer and renowned in the international market. 

With the facilities and equipment comprehensively set-up for oil & gas industry, now we are more known for other industries such as:

•    High-technological quality equipment for major advanced nations (G7). 
•    Precision-made mechanical equipment for oil & gas, metallurgy, power, chemical, marine with special & high-ranked metals, heat-resistant, high-tensile, high anti-corrosion materials.etc...     

The company operation management and quality control system are certified and meets the requirements of the well-known applicable international standards such as:
•    ISO 9001;
•    ISO 45001;
•    ISO 14001;
•    ISO 3834; 
•    ASME (U2 – U – S – R – NB stamps)
•    EN 1090.

Gaining truth and recognition from global clients & partners, we have always treasured and requited with best delivery commited