Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, S.R. Vietnam


AlphaECC, with a resolute message and a shared vision of forging a brighter tomorrow, has embarked on a transformative initiative called the "Build a Future" scholarship program. This program aims to inspire and motivate exceptional individuals who are the children of our esteemed company employees and have demonstrated remarkable academic prowess, earning accolades at both provincial and national levels over the past year.

During the grand ceremony held to commemorate the scholarship awards, a distinguished panel of judges carefully selected more than 22 outstanding students as recipients of cash prizes and commemorative souvenirs. This momentous occasion marks the inaugural year of the program, which we intend to perpetuate and enhance in the years to come. Our unwavering commitment lies in fostering and nurturing talent for the next generation, as we believe they hold the key to shaping a prosperous future.

Through the "Build a Future" scholarship program, AlphaECC aspires to instill a sense of purpose and drive in these young individuals, empowering them to become catalysts of positive change in their chosen fields. By recognizing and supporting their exceptional achievements, we aim to provide the necessary encouragement and resources for them to reach new heights and make a lasting impact on society.

As we look ahead, AlphaECC remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering an environment that nurtures talent and enables young minds to flourish. With the "Build a Future" scholarship program serving as a cornerstone of our efforts, we eagerly anticipate the positive transformation these exceptional individuals will bring to our world. Together, we will build a better future, one scholarship at a time.