Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, Rach Dua Ward, Vung Tau City, S.R. Vietnam

Piping and pipeline construction

AlphaECC is a professional contractor in piping spool fabrication and pipeline construction, from the P&ID and Isometric detailling, shop spools fabrication, coating and corrosion protection to the final inspection and test of a piping system or medium size pipelines (gas, oil or chemical).

AlphaECC has developed a management system that allow the company to manage all processes of quality control including design review, material identification and management, cutting, handling and fit-up, welding, coating, hydrotesting, pigging, cathodic protection, etc....



Engineering design
  • Piping and pipeline routing, layout, ISO..etc
  • Pipe stress analysis, mechanical engineering calculation and support design.
  • Pigging system, cathodic protection, etc...
  • Design review, laser survey and modification of ISO drawings
Material procurement
  • Our procurement team is familiar in handling the procurement for various range of piping materials at different specifications, including normal SMLS carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex, etc.
Material and equipment handling
  • We develop the procedure for material control, storage, preservation and traceability. All materials and equipments arrived to the workshop are systematically classified and stored in the designated space with color coding identification.A SQL software management has been used in-house to manage and trace all materials
Material cutting, bevelling and fit-up
  • Cutting plan is designed to ensure the correctiveness of the material cutting process. Bandsaw, gas and other cutting equipments are used.Bevelling process is helped with the use of horizotal bevelling machine that can bevel pipe up to 48" and portable pipe beveller, capacity up to 24" 
Fit-up and welding
  • Fit-up process is carried out by our professional fitter with the additional help of laser survey team.Processes of SMAW, GTAW, SAW, FCAW are oftenly used by our welding team for pipe welding. QC team and welding engineer will make sure the proper use of welding process and the competence of welders, based on every project specification and applicable standards.
  • We have the subcontractor's fully furnished NDT facility in our yard to carry out most of conventional NDT methods including RT, MPI, DPI and UT
Hydrotesting, chemical cleaning and flushing
  • We are possessing a full range of facility to carry out the chemical cleaning, testing and internal pipe flushing.
Pipe wrapping and coating
  • We are able to provide the plastic wrapping for pipe if required.Shot blasting and painting is performed in our in-house blasting and painting workshop under the close supervision and inspection of our BGAS/CSWIP certified painting inspectors. All the testings are in place to ensure the quality of coating layers including wet/dry thickness measurement, holiday detector, pull-off tester, etc...
Installation, pigging and corrosion protection
  • We are in position to offer client for the pipe installation either on their facility, undergroup up to the pipe rack, or at the field as the transfer pipeline. Our team is professional in applying various types of pipe pigging and corrosion protection, including cathodic protection, etc...


All the above processes are strictly mornitored by the skillful QA/QC team. We have in-house CSWIP 3.1 Welding inspector, BGAS/CSWIP Painting inspector and other experienced QC personnel.